Fett #1 2016

Illustrations for an article on temporary employment and it being overrespresented by women, made for norwegian feminist magazine Fett.

The first illustration is depicting the woman on a temporary contract, who has to work long hours doing both real work, but also a lot of crap like answering the phone and making coffee, all while her time is running out.

The second woman is behaving overly respectful, trying to hold on to her job and hoping for an extended contract, but is in return probably not getting noticed at all.

The third one is about how you at the start of your career always hear that temporary employment can be a door opener. But what happens if you get stuck in temporary work, year after year, just chasing a new contract. Every door you open, there's a new one.

The first one also got chosen to be on the cover of the magazine! Yey, cover girl!